African American Cultural & Historical Museum

The goal of this Initiative is to raise $300,000. We are asking 300 people, organizations, businesses or churches to make a $1,000 Legacy Donation to open and operate a museum of African American local history and culture at 1528 Pontiac Trail in Ann Arbor.

The museum’s permanent collections will focus on the lives and stories of local African American families, communities, businesses, schools and churches. Being a Legacy Leader means your family’s history will be part of this core collection.

You will receive an archival box(es) for the historical documents, artifacts or other items of your family, business, church or organization to be preserved and displayed at the Museum.

All Legacy Leaders ($1,000+) will be recognized in the Museum.

Dedicated to the preservation of Black history in Washtenaw County

1528 will be a museum where the history, presence and contributions of the African American community in Washtenaw County will be accessible to educate and inspire members and visitors.

1528 will provide a place for the community to donate their documents, photographs, books, maps, publications, artifacts and more that relate to the African American experience.

This 160 year old historic home is in a Northside neighborhood rich in cultural history and diversity. It is close to several sites on our nationally recognized Underground Railroad Tour and a perfect location for our community’ museum.

Located in a culturally diverse and historic neighborhood

1528 Pontiac Trail is less than 1 mile northwest of the Broadway Historic District which contains over 100 historic homes, dating back to 1838. 1528 is surrounded by more than 8 Underground Railroad sites that are on our UGRR tour including 3 on Pontiac Trail. 1528 is minutes away from several other historical houses, parks and buildings including the 4th & Ann Street Black Business District, Kerrytown, Lower Town and Wheeler Park.

Committed to youth education and community engagement

1528 is within walking distance of Northside School and will be a great educational resource and curriculum enhancement for all youth, teens and college students. The promotion of education and the cultivation of conversation that takes place in museums, shapes and strengthens our neighborhoods.

The Vision for 1528 Pontiac Trail

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