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2016 Memberships Benefits include: Participation in Museum growth and development, The North Star newsletter, Invitations to special events and activities, Joining a network of people to preserve community history. Everyone is welcome. INDIVIDUAL$15, FAMILY: 2 or more $25, BUSINESSS/ORGANIZATION $100

General Donations Every dollar received towards this project is welcome, necessary and appreciated. Donations support the Museum’s Living oral History project, Underground Railroad educational programs and tours and Cultural Arts presentations.

1528 Pontiac Trail Museum Initiative - Legacy Campaign to raise money specifically for opening and operating a museum at 1528 Pontiac Trail. It belongs to the community as a center of cultural and historical learning and knowledge. The AACHM is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization and donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for your support.
About the photo: John Easley in his Ann Street barbershop in 1947, John Easley was nicknamed “Papa John.” Every black citizen in Ann Arbor knew him.  My earliest memories of Papa John were the monthly haircuts I received at his famous shop. John could have starred in any movie about black gangsters. He was athletically built and always wore a spotless white shirt. He spoke with a heavy voice, which suggested, “I am in control,” every time it was heard. When you entered the shop, there were always one or two people awaiting their turn for a haircut and several others who were talking or just staring out of the large glass windows at the front of the shop. John never spent more than 15 minutes on any one customer. In the case of small children like myself, he needed no instructions. He would automatically cut hair very short on top and almost bald on the sides". (Photo and memory from Mel Chatman in the book “Chandler: The Ellis Family Story)