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This photo was taken on the farm of Asher Aray, an African American man of mixed descent who was an Underground Railroad conductor and worked with his neighbors on Michigan Avenue; Roswell Preston and William Webb Harwood helping people to safety and freedom in Detroit and Canada. Journey to Freedom is a Nationally Recognized Tour of the U.S. National Park Service Network to Freedom Program
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This combination bus and walking tour starts at the Eastern Michigan University Student Center, 900 Oakwood in Ypsilanti. This tour revolves around Ypsilanti's black Civil War veterans. We’ll visit their resting sites during a walk through Highland Cemetery. From the bus we'll visit sites in downtown and on the south side of Ypslantii significant to African Americans during the late 1800s. AACHM Board members Deborah Meadows and Matt Siegfried will co-docent.

Tickets are $20 for individuals, $10 for students. For reservations or information about future tours or to schedule one for your group, church or family reunion, call or text 734-819-8182 or email deborahmeadows2@msn.com

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Journey to Freedom: and 2 NEW Historical Tours

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Learn more about Asher Aray on a "Journey to Freedom". The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes, hidden places, determined citizens and self-liberated people of color seeking freedom. Two essential routes to Detroit and ultimate safety in Canada crossed in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. Discover the role Washtenaw County played on this docent guided tour by the exteriors of local and nationally known Underground Railroad landmarks, sites and homes. For more information and to make your reservations call Tour Docent Deborah Meadows at 734-819-8182 or email deborahmeadows2@msn.com
2016 Tour Dates

Sunday, May 15, 2-5PM
“Women of South Adams” Tour with Matthew Siegfried              

Saturday, June 18, 2-5PM
Journey to Freedom: Underground Railroad Bus Tour with Deb Meadows

Sunday, August 7, 2-5PM
Journey to Freedom: Underground Railroad Bus Tour with Deb Meadows

Saturday, October 22, 2-5PM
New Historical Tour with Matthew Siegfried                                    

The Golden Limousine Tour Bus departs from Washtenaw Community College, 4800 E. Huron River Dr. (in front of the Industrial and Tech Building). Parking is free.
Special Tours & Talks

Talks and presentations can be arranged throughout the year for groups, schools and other organizations. You can also schedule private group tours in addition to the dates set for the general public during the season. Call Deborah Meadows at 734-819-8182 or email deborahmeadows2@msn.com
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The National Park Service, US Department of the Interior national Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program coordinates preservation and education efforts nationwide and integrate local historical places, museums, and interpretive programs associated with the Underground Railroad into a mosaic of community, regional, and national stories.  Membership is national recognition of the verifiable association of historic sites, programs, and facilities with the Underground Railroad. Journey to Freedom has been a member of the Network since 2004.
Contriibutors to Tour Development
  • Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, African American Endowment Fund
  • Ann Arbor Area Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
  • Arts of Citizenship Program, University of Michigan
  • Bentley Historical Library,
  • Burton Historical Library, Detroit, Michigan
  • Buxton Nat’l Historic Site & Museum, Ont., Canada
  • Charles H. Wright Museum Detroit, Michigan
  • Circle Michigan,Traverse City
  • Kidada Williams
  • Michigan Association of Community Arts Agencies
  • Michigan Museums Association
  • Carol Mull
  • Ohio Historical Archives,
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Washtenaw Community College
  • Ypsilanti Historical Museum and Archives
  • Shirley Vaughn
  • Willie M. Edwards